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5 IoT Enabled products You Need For Your Home

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We are in an era where smart technology has taken over the way we work, cook, watch TV, & play games. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed our lives by making them faster and more efficient. Our homes have become smart too. With the advent of home automation and smart assistants developed by Apple, Amazon & Google that have taken over our lives, the IoT has really been a boon to our lives. We have listed down the 5 must-have IoT products you need for your smart home. Let’s have a look.

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5 Must Have Grooming Products For Men

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Who says personal grooming is just for women? Today, men are growing increasingly conscious about their vanity. With new markets opening up for grooming & wellness, there are an array of distinctive products for men’s skin, hair, & beard care. Looking to up your grooming game? We have listed down some of our top picks. Read on to know what’s best for you.

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3 websites that can help you with Home-schooling your child

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One of the hardest and most crucial choices of life is to decide how your child will be educated. The idea of shifting from traditional educational methods to home-schooling can be overwhelming. When it comes to education, parents forget that learning happens all the time; from teaching how to walk & talk to academics & education – you can be your child’s best teacher.

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Home-schooling follows a customized curriculum rather than teaching according to a standardized set of guidelines. And because of this personalization, homeschooling is effective as it does not have the typical classroom setting.

Here are a few websites that offer tools and products that will help you homeschool your child.

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A Journey Without A Travel Is Possible With These Must Read Fiction Books

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One of the great pleasure of our life is to open up a nice book and not keeping it down until excavated every little page full of adventure, a new plot or an intriguing character. That’s the beauty of reading a “fiction book”and choose your journey with 1GrandTrunk.

Books open our mind and allow us to experience the entire lifetime, travels and journey into a different world without having to move an inch of our comfortable chair. Seeing the world as someone else and visiting those territories virtually that we might not be able to go otherwise is an adventure in itself. Bringing you some of the exceptional fiction work to experience the journey through the world of a book, here are 10 must-read fiction books for traveling. You can get these books easily on Amazon.

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6 Plus-Size Clothing Brands To Up Your Fashion Quotient

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Unlike back in the days, fashion isn’t restricted to those with a size zero. As the world moves beyond stereotypes, fashion labels are now more conscious of the plus-size audience. That being said, it may still be hard to find the best of styles and trends in the plus-size category. Thankfully, there are a few brands that stand out when it comes to this. Below are 6 amazing clothing brands – 3 Indian and 3 American that have the finest designs and trends in the plus-size category. So, read on and let us know what you think of it.

Indian Brands

  1. Amydus

amydus fashion
Amydus is one of the few Indian clothing brands dedicated to plus-size clothing. The categories range from ethnic Kurtis to jackets, shrugs, and vogue western wear for women. The men have an equally nice collection in terms of kurtas, shirts, shorts, denim, and more. Our personal favourite though is the extensive and classy range of western wear for the ladies.

Price Point: Approx Rs 800 onwards
Collection Rating: 4 stars
Website: amydus.com
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If You Like Macy’s, You’ll Like Pantaloons

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#YourKindaBrand Series -1

“I like my money where I can see it: hanging in my closet” Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City
Welcome to The #YourKindaBrand– a series dedicated to helping you find brands and labels that are similar to the ones you already love and adore. With titbits of history, mystery, and similarities, we run you through a few facets of two relatable brands, thereby introducing you to what might be your new favorite shopping portal. Sound good? Let’s get started! Here’s the 1st post of The #YourKindaBrand series.

The same is true for most of us. Call it vanity, an obsession or overt creativity – fashion is something that each of us practices every day – albeit in our own intrinsic ways. Everything from the clothes we wear to the accessories that adorn us is a reflection of our tastes, our preferences, and our personality. And because fashion is so varied, there are numerous brands, each with its own distinct style and collection, catering to a specific audience. And then, there are some labels that have made it to the top by combining every possible brand under one roof. Macy’s and Pantaloons are two such best clothing brands.
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